Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls

Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls

Now, participating in Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls, all friends! What is the major objective in this game? Tie your shoelaces and discover it immediately! Time to find out the truth!

What happened in here? This game is about an event when the King gives an important task for an old man. What’s it? The man has to announce an urgent statement from the Highness Majesty to the citizens. Each person will get a scroll, so he needs to start the journey now before the night comes. There are many scrolls must be delivered! Are you willing to lend him a hand? Express your capacity to throw the scroll towards the citizens’ position; otherwise, there’s no score for you. When proceeding to the next level, there will be more difficult obstacles you have to face. The scrolls are limited, and some barriers might hurt your character. Switch weapons to preserve the man’s life!

Never run out of scrolls, ok? Let’s play Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls and enjoy a good time here!

How to play

Utilize the mouse if playing the game.

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