Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you a new-brand idle-click game; and its name is exactly Beez! How to play the smoothly? Stay calm, please!

In the playing field, players must handle 2 major jobs: collecting honey and conquering hives. The task may be automatically done, but the process’s speed will be increased by using the mouse to perform your mission. To enhance the honey’s value, don’t forget to upgrade each cell. Players are able to follow the current level and "XP process" at the top of the game screen, while money & cash per second are just located at the left side. After every 30 seconds, the game shall be well saved for later playback. Spend money on more upgrades, bees, cells, and layers. For the high score, don’t mind taking care of layers, levels, CPS, XP, conquered hives, money, and colony strength.

See! Beez is ideally suited to everyone, right? Come on!

How to play

The mouse is held to enjoy the game.

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