Bike Rivals

Bike RivalsDesires to ride your bike to a tough hill and overcome all terrible terrains in a really wonderful game – Bike Rivals , guys? If you love riding the coolest bike and enjoy your cool journey, hurry up to play the game and start challenging to all difficulties.

In the game, the hill is so rough. There are many big lakes, valleys, and other dangerous areas. If players are careless, they can lose their lives at anytime. That is why they have to be good at controlling the bike. When starting jumping over gaps, please make sure that you can be alive. Try to avoid obstacles. While moving on bridges, hurry up to run fast before they collapse. In some levels, the terrains are more complicated than ever, so be confident to solve them well. If falling off the ground, the players have to start that level again.

Become the best rider in Bike Rivals , guys!

How to play

Move by the arrow keys.
Spacebar is to boost/retry.

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