Bobby Da Arrow

Bobby Da Arrow

Welcome all fellows to Bobby Da Arrow – a fierce shooting game! Enter the main screen, and you will assist a warrior to protect a kingdom from dozens of cruel invaders. Do you have enough brave to deal with this mission? Let’s go!

Hurry to equip your character with a powerful bow and arrows! For what? Players are required to shoot the enemies to kill them all. Bear in mind that you’re given a limited number of the arrows; thus, try to fulfill the task before running out of them. Watch out the green creatures desiring to attack you. If you have any chance, do your best to destroy them before they hit you; otherwise, the game will stop instantly. The players must prevent the King from the destruction of countless bloodthirsty hostiles. Pay attention to the clock, please! Once it points 12 o’clock, the foes will move while you need to stop for a moment.

Conquer Bobby Da Arrow is not an easy task, right? Have fun and good luck, guys!

How to play

bobby, arrow, bow, clock, enemies

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Bobby Da Arrow, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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