Bomb It

Bomb ItHave you tried Bomb It – the initial version of the Bomb It series – yet? Take your spare time and make a fascinating adventure with us right now! The players’ main task there is to kill all the enemies by using bombs. Sounds interesting, right? First of all, you have to select a character among 4 colorful Bombermen, and then, access to the playing field. In a dangerous maze, players and other opponents will stand in 4 corners individually. You should go around the area and place bombs to deal with all the barriers. Try to think of an effective way to approach the enemies and destroy them. After setting bombs, remember to run far away to protect yourself. While performing the mission, please collect all the power-ups to boost the character’s energy. Bear in mind that the clock are ticking, so let’s finish each stage well before running out of time. Have a great time!

How to play

Press arrow keys to move around.
Tap spacebar to drop bombs.

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