Crayon Poke

Crayon Poke

How cool today is! Don’t waste your free time on just sleeping or breathing a sigh because there is nothing to do! Visiting Crayon Poke – one adventure type game – is what we want to recommend to you, dear fellows! Let’s discover!

Maneuvering a lovely girl in the game should be taken into consideration first. Finding it hard to stop her curiosity about a marvelous land, she is unluckily getting lost here. It’s your job to help her find way to reach the destination as soon as possible by becoming her guide instantly! Along the way, let the girl pick up skulls as well as activate the "Power of Crayon" to visit another world ideally. At the same time, be careful of all obstructions ahead; otherwise, her health will decrease. If you want to determine the current checkpoint, pressing the "Up" key is a necessity.

The poor girl is calling for your help during Crayon Poke! Come here!

How to play

Wander around by the left/right arrow keys.
Jump by the S key to jump.
Throw crayons by the D key.

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Crayon Poke, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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