Crazy Flasher 5: Andy Law

Crazy Flasher 5: Andy Law

Hi guys! Do not miss the chance to meet Andy Law – a famous actor from Hong Kong. He is acting in a Hollywood action film. Would you like to join him in this amazing project? Play Crazy Flasher 5: Andy Law to dip yourself in the movie industry? Andy is a policeman in this film. He is chased by hordes of the cruel mafia. You need to help him escape and come back to his unit. There are many obstacles which you have to lead him jump over. Use the machete to defeat the bad guys. Spend the money purchasing modern weapons and equipments. Are you ready to be a hero? Let’s go!

How to play

WASD keys are to move.
The mouse is to attack.
Press 1, 2, 3, 4 to switch weapons.
G is to drop weapons.
Q is to see your current condition and game setups.
Press B to buy weapons.
Space bar is to communicate or drive.
R is to reload.

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