Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare

Finally, we’re back with an incredible game. That’s Dungeon Warfare – a challenging strategy TD game, fellows! Don’t just sit and stare at the screen! Tap Start to grab an amazing opportunity to play it!

In here, the players will role-play a dungeon lord whose responsibility is to manage and protect the dark cave from the humans’ invasion. Can you see that long path? There’s an entrance at the end of the road. The primary job is preventing the enemies from sneaking into there; otherwise, the Lord’s health will decrease quickly. Now, purchase and set several dangerous traps and turrets, and then, place them along the way strategically. Once the rivals appear, your defensive system will defeat them automatically. Keep buying new advanced towers to improve the system’s power. You’ll get priceless rewards if performing well; maybe diamonds or any treasure.

Conquer all the invaders to become the coolest hero in Dungeon Warfare! Good luck!

How to play

To beat the enemies, use the ultimate weapon – the mouse.

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