Egg Knight

Egg Knight

Have ever considered trying an RPG adventure game? And Egg Knight is rightly what we want to mention! Outstandingly featured by the pixel art, the game also impresses its players with a humorous story about a fun expedition of a brave knight. Let’s go!

At present, the knight was on his way to unearth a new island. Wow, he found a big egg here by chance. But, he didn’t even know that a swarm of ugly creatures are planning to steal the egg from him. It’s your mission to stand by him on the island so that the egg might be well protected! More interestingly, players are allowed to produce other warriors by hatching it. Then, don’t hesitate to take control over them to fight against rodents, blobs, skeleton bats, and so on. It’s equally important to supply your troop with food to boost their skills and ability. Meanwhile, remember to equip them with modern weapons.

Last but not least, please form brilliant strategies to improve your opportunities of conquering the battles. Good luck to you all during Egg Knight!

How to play

The mouse is managed to control the knight.

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