Elephant Quest

Elephant QuestWhile heading towards to a friend’s house, suddenly Willie – a little elephant – faces up with Bully – a greedy one. That big buddy decided to steal our cute Willie’s new hat. Want to help that blue elephant take his pretty hat back? Be nimble-footed to access to Elephant Quest and help him now! See a little door over there? Guide him to go through that door to enter Billy’s place. Now, it’s time to start the real journey! Be wise and clever to direct the blue elephant to overcome different obstacles i.e. fire down hostile crawlers, dodge over spike traps, and more. Don’t ever make such any silly mistake, or the game will stop instantly. Remember to carry out several tasks (unlock new doors or find a certain number of bears) to increase HP and XP points; that’ll help Willie achieve necessary things. Assist him right away to get the best result!

How to play

Control Willie: the WASD/arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.

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Elephant Quest, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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