Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy tells about 2 poor little girls who are now stuck in a dangerous jungle where hordes of gruesome rats, spiders, bats, and bugs are available. Of course, they are trying best to fight against them. Dear all kind boys, why don’t you come on and rescue your girls instantly? Enter the game and embark on your mission.

It is easy to recognize that the red girl holds a long sword while the yellow one holds a bow and arrows. How to teach them the ways to attack and defend? First of all, click on the hostiles and then select icons on the board to launch assaults on such the creatures. Make every effort to slaughter them all with your first turn. If their health bar decreases to zero early, you win the combat. During the battle, it is possible to pick the ITEM icon to change weapons, upgrade your characters’ skills, or purchase more items.

That is all! Hope that you are able to conquer Epic Battle Fantasy with ease!

How to play

The game is controlled with the left mouse.

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Epic Battle Fantasy, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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