Epic War 2

Epic War 2

Did you know that Epic War came back with innovation, called Epic War 2? The update has been trusted to be more dramatic than before! Today, you have a chance to enjoy a new upgrade system, a new artwork, 3 huge boss battles, as well as new units across 3 playable races!

Setting up a turret on your region is firstly advisable. Later, activate the "Auto mode" so that the arrows are automatically shot at the disgusting invaders. It is equally important to recruit, train, and send your troop of Middle Earth to the opposing bastion. Try best to devastate the enemy’s castle as soon as possible. Instead of using money, mana becomes an essential part to hire more and more units as well as cast Special Spells (Fire, Magic, Ice, and Lighting). Stay alert and brilliant in all cases!

Wish you luck, happy, and successful! Have a memorable time with Epic War 2!

How to play

Control the arrows with the Up/down arrow keys.
Fire with the A or S key.
Increase the mana with the Spacebar key.
Interact with the game with the mouse.

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