Epic War 3

Epic War 3

The saga of the defense style game, called Epic War 3, continues surprising its fans with many fighting features. Get ready for the upcoming combats? Feel free to select which faction you love playing as and fulfill every faction with ease. Let’s go!

In the most epic entry of the Epic War series, the ultimate goal is to defeat your rivals in the battle to conquer each place on the board. In detail, please consider building and upgrading your deck, defending your castle, thinking about a wise strategy, and killing anyone who dares to stand in your way! Because keeping these tasks under control never easy, expressing your leadership and intellect can even help to win the game’s content.

At present, nothing is vital than strategically setting up your units so that all the invaders are managed and the home bastion is protected. Let’s set Epic War 3 in motion!

How to play

The game is nicely interacted with by the mouse only.

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