Family Rush

Family Rush

A story of Family Rush revolves around a swarm of man-eating monsters that roam around a poor village with the aim of abducting any babies they encounter to eat. Oh no! A poor baby becomes their victim! Look! His family is chasing such the deadly critters to save him. Lend them a hand before something worst does happen!

The first job is to move the baby’s father forwards as well as hold the gun once the monsters are front of him. At that time, exactly aim and nimbly use his weapon to shoot at the rivals. More dangerously, they are capable of walking on the ground or flying in the air. The ultimate task is to maneuver him to the enemy bastion so that he might save the baby safely. After you acquire a remarkable number of achievements, other protagonists (the kid’s mother, grandparents, etc.) will also be unlocked. Continue the expedition by taking control over one of these new characters.

Wish you luck and happy with Family Rush!

How to play

Get Family Rush activated with the left mouse.

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