Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft LabyrinthIn the Labyrinth Kingdom, there’s a magical orb used to protect all the citizens’ health. However, a dark force wants to steal it in order to serve their bad intentions. We can’t let that happen! Hurry up to enter Gemcraft Labyrinth and stop the incoming hostiles, all heroes! Focus on the main screen carefully to determine the enemies’ direction. Then, look at the right side to observe the magical board. The players can use those available items to craft powerful games to destroy the creepy creatures’ waves. But how? Just simply place them along the path, and they will prevent those hostiles from approaching the orb automatically. Oh, don’t miss building big walls, placing useful traps, using Specials, etc. to protect your Kingdom efficiently. Remember that Mana is the main resource in this game. Try to collect it as much as possible to do everything. Wish you succeed!

How to play

This game is played with the mouse only.

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