Headless Zombie 2

Headless Zombie 2

Continuing the Headless Zombie story, Headless Zombie 2 tells about Carl, a former nobleman. Horribly, he has been turned into a zombie, due to the curse made by an ugly magician. See? He was too shocked to accept the truth. That’s why he is now getting through a maze – the magician’s hide-out – with the goal of searching out the way to break the curse and becoming a human again. Assist the poor man during this tough adventure now, dear guys!

The best way here is to overcome all the rooms of Headless Zombie 2 successfully. You are simply tasked with guiding him around every room, opening the doors, grabbing gold flowers, and reaching the exit. He is capable of throwing his head from the neck, remember? Hence, taking advantage of this trait is always an excellent idea to solve all the hard puzzles along the road.

Show us your performances during the playfield of Headless Zombie 2. Here we go!

How to play

Walk with the arrow or ASDW keys.
Throw the head with the spacebar key.

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