Hero Simulator

Hero Simulator

Have ever enjoyed Idle Game? As a special type, such the game simply asks players to click, click and click until the budget is full of loots. And Hero Simulator is also the same. However, it seems to be more eye-catching and colorful. Remove your hesitancy and start jumping into the playing field now!

During the game, it is interesting to know that every player will become a hero. And their main duty is to click on the available buttons (Ingredients Harvesting, Ore Mining, Hunting Bandits, and Houseware Crafting) so as to earn benefits. Merely tap on them, and then the budget will be automatically improved. There is also one more point to remember! Other buttons may only be opened after players gain a considerable number of funds and achievements. Ah, don’t forget to upgrade your hero or equip him with possible skills.

As one of the charming Idle Games, we should never miss Hero Simulator at once!

How to play

The left mouse is for controlling the game.

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