Logical Element

Logical Element

Hey, guys! Let your brain work by joining in a new math game, namely Logical Element right now! What to expect from this cool game? Everything will be unveiled right after you enter the playground! Here we are!

During the logical puzzle game regarding electric circuits, each player is assigned to a job of enabling all outputs. To perform this hard task, you’re provided with a few buttons. It’s your role to find out the most effective way so that all red circuits will be altered into the green ones. The high level you enter, the more difficult obstacles you’ll encounter. After unlocking the first 12 stages, players have permission to unearth the "sandbox" mode. Such the mode is made to help them design their own logic circuits, based on their imagination. Follow all of the in-game instructions to get a better understanding about the game.

Have a nice moment within Logical Element!

How to play

Only the mouse is applied to interact with the game.

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