Mr. Splibox 2

Mr. Splibox 2

Eyebrows will be surely raised right after you access Mr. Splibox 2. Don’t believe it? For sure, you must tap the Ready option to embark on the gameplay right now! Here we are!

There are 2 opposing groups throughout the game: Smoking Astronaut and the group of Mr. Splibox. One day, Smoking Astronaut ruthlessly captures all friends of Mr. Splinox. How terrible it is! Please join in the game’s surface to lend the poor guy a hand! He really wants to rescue his buddies, all guys! First, guide him through all areas of the game map in order to find out all exits. Deal with all problems here with confidence! Get and remove spliboxes to snatch valuable items and reach the exit more easily.

It’s not easy to resist the charm of Mr. Splibox 2! Crush your hesitancy down and start unveiling its content! Good luck!

How to play

The up-arrow key or the spacebar is used to gain spliboxes.
The left-right arrow keys are for moving.

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Mr. Splibox 2, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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