Puppet Ice Hockey 2014

Puppet Ice Hockey 2014

Today, you’re invited to a terrific sport game, called Puppet Ice Hockey 2014! Is it easy to play "hockey"? The answer will be revealed right after you access the main screen instantly!

First, it is a must to pick out your country of dream as well as unlock all hockey players before enjoying the game. Right after entering the arena, players are also asked to put on the jersey, sharpen their skates, in addition to grabbing the stick. Because there is an International Hockey Tournament, do best to lead your team to a resounding victory. Just press the prescribed keys to take control over the players while gaining as many points as possible. Practicing all the times is the best way to win the gameplay (doing no-feet body checks, slap-shots, cross-checks, etc.). Keep scoring to approach the next round!

Let your skill in hockey sharpened within Puppet Ice Hockey 2014! Hope you all to succeed!

How to play

Player 1: While the arrow keys are for moving, the spacebar (or down key) is for shooting.
Player 2: Walk by the WAD keys and shoot by the S key.

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