Puzzle Tower

Puzzle Tower

Those, who are the big fans of puzzle game type, are advised to land on Puzzle Tower with no hesitancy! Just show off their intelligence and cleverness to solve a full pack of challenging stages ahead! Here we are!

No one was ever capable of conquering the Puzzle Tower full of deadly traps and locked chambers that are very hard to open. Even so, the brave hero also feels like he has got to solve the challenge through using the assistance from a buddy trapped inside to open every gate. While moving around in a careful and synchronized way by the arrow keys, you should also make sure that both characters will step on the key tiles. Besides, please snatch the stars, which will give you many benefits afterwards. The whole puzzle game is concluded with perceptiveness; thus, anyone whose brains are as strong as any sword can become the winner!

So, can the hero and his fellow escape from the tower safely? Find the answer by engaging in Puzzle Tower!

How to play

Mainly make use of the WASD/Arrow keys to control the main protagonists.

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Puzzle Tower, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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