Raze-3In order to participate in a very big and aggressive fight, you need to spend a challenging and hard training course. Do you have enough confidence? Why don’t you land on Raze-3 and discover your true ability? There we come! First of all, please go with other soldiers and learn basic guides from the headquarters. How to move, how to use the gun, how to shoot down targets, and so forth? Learn everything carefully and skillfully to enter the main fight. At this time, players should show their superior faculties in using weapons to stop enemies’ attack as well as knocking out them to approach the finishing point successfully. In addition, whenever acting, don’t forget to collect some available weapons or supplement necessary skills. Try to own more to acquire a victory in the soonest time. Believe in yourself and execute terrific actions!

How to play

The arrow keys or WASD keys are for movement.
The mouse is for aiming and shooting.
Q/E key is for using the weapons.
F/Ctrl is for using the rockets.

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Raze-3, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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