Royal Squad

Royal Squad

As a strategy action game, Royal Squad asks players all to become a wise commander who is taking control of a large army. Sounds attracted, right? Come here now!

During the game, it’s quite possible for player to choose a whole army full of different soldiers, providing that you use their powers appropriately to keep your fort safely. The vital mission here is to set up a logical strategy for your squad members. As the game is also listed as the TD genre, please buy traps, defenders, and turrets to attack the hostiles. Don’t let them enter the castle; otherwise, the game will come to an end right now! In many urgent cases, using "Spells" is strongly encouraged to preserve your life. For the final victory, earn much money to upgrade units, towers, and magic spells!

Okay, don’t hesitate to visit Royal Squad instantly. Please keep self full-prepared for the upcoming battle!

How to play

Activate the game by your left mouse.

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Royal Squad, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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