Run 3

Run 3

Feel engrossed with the great innovations of Run 3? Don’t hesitate to immerse into its fantasy now. Come on!

Every player is entrusted with a special task of maneuvering a cute animal through many different tunnels. Difficultly, these tunnels contain lots of gaps and obstacles. While controlling him, you should also pay high attention to any deep holes. It is vital to agilely rotate the tunnels so that he is guided to the safe place. Don’t let him fall into any dark holes, or he is not alive anymore. Along the way, don’t forget to determine how far the creature can reach the hole, too! The longer he moves through the tunnels, the higher score you achieve.

Try best and show us your excellent performances throughout the playfield of Run 3! Have much fun!

How to play

Make use of the ASDW keys to walk.
Tap on the Space bar to jump.

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Run 3, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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