Sentry Knight Conquest

Sentry Knight Conquest

Boys will find it hard to have a neglectful behavior towards such the action games because they fall in love with dramatic situations and cliffhangers from this type. Today, they are invited to savor Sentry Knight Conquest – a special kind of battle game. Of course, everything here will be thrilling & interesting enough to blow them up.

In regard to the game’s concept, players must aim at the unique objective: That is to maneuver the Marksman and beat up minions of invaders to save the universe. To handle the duty, a robust gun is also provided to kill all kinds of these hateful parties. After the fund is compiled up to a certain amount, please spend it on new equipment items, new spells, and other fighting items.

Ready? Accompany the Marksman to Sentry Knight Conquest and become the universe’s hero right away! Try best!

How to play

Walk around by the ADSW keys.
Aim and fire by the mouse.

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Sentry Knight Conquest, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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