Spiters Annihilation 3: Cold Revenge

Spiters Annihilation 3: Cold Revenge

Welcome you all to Spiters Annihilation 3: Cold Revenge – a mixture of physics and puzzle game styles. No time to be hesitant anymore! Thousands of impressive and fascinating traits are waiting for self-discovery! Here we come!

The game includes 30 easy & hard levels, in addition to the boss level. To conquer each level, you’re required to perform different missions, such as gathering all the gold stars, defeating all the monsters, etc. Be careful as such the missions are not easy to fulfill at all. Along with using your intellect, it is equally important to form a logical strategy so as to solve all the hard puzzles and the suggested missions. Consider taking advantage of needful tools and blocks scattered anywhere on the game interface to give out the best solutions.

Have a nice moment with Spiters Annihilation 3: Cold Revenge!

How to play

Using the left mouse is just acceptable to play the game’s conte

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Spiters Annihilation 3: Cold Revenge, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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