Stick War 2

Stick War 2With many new weapons and units in the second version – Stick War 2 , it is sure that you are so excited to battle against all kinds of enemies. This time, players will represent stickmen to expel all invaders from their country. Because of owning rich gold mines, other neighbors want to conquer it.

If you think you have enough abilities to help your stickmen destroy rivals, come on and lead your crowded units. At first, the players will use their money to train and send some soldiers out to the battle in order to enter the enemies’ base and devastate them. During the game, try to call several miners and start mining gold for earning more money. When having a great deal of money, hurry up to bring powerful knights to the battlefield.

Hope you have fun with Stick War 2 and win the war.

How to play

The mouse is to control the troops.
AD key is to move the map.

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