Stick War

Stick War

Stick War does permit you to experience the role of a leader since the game illustrates a war between 2 opposing forces: Red Stickmen and Black Stickmen. Today, crush down your indecision and get yourself immersed in the action game right now!

Here, it’s a must to support the Black Stickmen troop to the resounding victory. How? First of all, get your home troop improved by mining and gathering gold ingots from the rich mine. Recruit more workers for the job. Then, brilliantly deploy each stickman warrior on the battlefield to defeat the Red Stickmen troop. Because equipment items, upgrades, and weapons are really significant to strengthen the home troop, consider making deals on them between stages and continue the more fierce combat.

Never let Stick War slip out of your hands as you’ll have a chance to try feelings of a leader who takes control of a big troop. Wow! How amazing! Try best!

How to play

Only the left mouse is tapped to play Stick War.

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