Sugar, sugar 3

Sugar, sugar 3

Want much more sugar? Lead your attention to the craziest drawing game, namely Sugar, sugar 3 right now! Feel free to draw lines to pour the sugar line through funnels and upside down!

Make no scruple to play through Bart Bonte’s next chapter in his sugary sweet flash game, where users are required to guide the sugar grains into cups set somewhere. The 30 levels are just designed to let your brain actually work. How to play the game? Just make sure that you perfectly draw lines on the playfield in order to create pathways. Try best to conquer each level by filling up all of the cups. But, it is equally important to watch out for other environmental traps, like colored gates, spoons, and teleporters because they will make each stage a little bit trickier.

Though Sugar, sugar 3 is challenging, your willpower is not struck, right? Start to complete the first level right now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to move the sugar line.

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