Ten Second War

Ten Second War

Today is a special day. So, let us introduce to you a spectacular action game, namely Ten Second War. If you are now willing to experience a heady combat in the game, don’t be reluctant anymore!

Outstandingly themed as a shooting strategy game, players are assigned to a job of destroying all powerful tanks in every stage. To do that, you must find brilliant ways to take control over the available equipment! On the battleground, please apply it in the right direction, and fire bullets at the hostiles to slaughter them all. It’s equally important to accomplish the quest under the pressure time, guys! Of course, the enemies are spread anywhere to automatically attack your character. Thus, always stay alert and focused! You are also advised to hide behind the walls to avoid their assault and master the current condition.

Good speed makes a contribution to the success of Ten Second War. Show off what you are good at to win a final victory!

How to play

Control the whole game by using the left mouse.

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