The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

If you’re now bored with any quiz or girly games, don’t mind immersing into The Power Of Love – an adventure game, depicting a lot of incredible situations. Get ready to discover its charming content and graphics? Here we come!

The impressive game simulates a thrilling expedition of a courageous knight who is in charge of fulfilling a really hard mission. That is to destruct the demon’s evil castle to free his girlfriend – a beautiful princess, and collect as many coins as possible. You just become his awesome instructor, remember! Simply activate a given weapon to hit the walls of the castle, and the coins automatically drop down. After the fund reaches a certain amount, it’s time to consider upgrading the weapon by visiting the shop to buy some unlocked items.

Don’t mind enjoying the role as a knight and obtaining the best achievements in The Power Of Love. Let’s go!

How to play

The left mouse is only availed to play The Power Of Love.

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