As a running game, Tombik will surely attract you by virtue of its cartoon 3D graphics. Don’t be reluctant to land on here now!

Without a doubt, you’ll be Tombik – a fat boy who penetrated into the neighbor garden for stealing apples. Suddenly, the host found out you and intended to give you a lesson. Try to run as fast as possible to dodge this man now. Along the way, don’t forget to avoid different obstacles, like cars, fences, wells, walls, cows, sheep, bridges, etc. You must jump on & slide over such the obstacles without crushing them; otherwise, you’ll fall down. Finally, do best to gather gold coins as many as possible, and then spend the money in buying items to enhance your skills.

Get ready for the marathon? If so, enter Tombik right now! Hope that you’ll be safe before coming back home.

How to play

Just make use of the arrow keys to run.

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Tombik, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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