A lot of awesome points are waiting for self-discovery in Trimps, dear players! Just feel free to engage in the game board right away. Come on!

Like what you’ve ever done in other idle-click games, it’s a need to hit the offered object to earn fund. What for? Time to better your village and help locals enjoy a standard life! First, please hunt for food and chop wood to store resources. Next, build structures, like barns and traps. Remember that only person is allowed to live in a barn! After placing traps, you should regularly open them to check your achievements. During the procedure of hiring employees, it’s better to supply them with food and house so that they may help you fulfill all jobs smoothly. Besides, equip weapons and armors to confront the upcoming hostiles.

Have an enjoyable time in Trimps!

How to play

Only your mouse is considered to play the game.

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Trimps, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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