Zombie Riot

Zombie Riot

Oh, no! The Peace City is now under attack. What happened? Land on Zombie Riot to find out the final reason! Hurry to help citizens here as soon as possible!

The current condition may be more serious than what you’ve thought of. Hordes of zombies are crazily attacking the city without compassion. How to defeat them all? First, recruit and set up warrior units on the path to prevent the attacks of the undead. Once they come, your given defenders will activate "Sniper Blast" ("Frozen Air" or "Mega Boomerang") to shoot at their head. Do best to compile as many medals as possible during the battle as they are useful to produce (or upgrade) troops and buy modern items. Using "Skills" is also encouraged to explode a large number of zombies! Continue playing to unlock more and more new places!

So, feel free to enter Zombie Riot to wipe out all bloodthirsty enemies! Have a fun time!

How to play

The whole game is played by the left mouse.

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Zombie Riot, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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