Zombie Tactics

Zombie Tactics

Hordes of zombies suddenly attack a city, and only 3 people stay alive. At present, they are planning a few smart tactics to banish such the gruesome zombies. Please become their leader by partaking in Zombie Tactics instantly, dear guys! It is worth keeping in mind that your intelligence and caution play a role in conquering the turn-based strategy game. Here we come!

After the blue and green squares come out, you have permission to steer your characters towards those zombies. Then, attack them to death by arrows or axes. If these protagonists’ health is not good enough to battle against the enemies, please have them a rest. During the game, don’t let such the aggressive rivals eat your characters, or the game is over. A lot of experience points will be yours after all the zombies are killed. Spend them in boosting the skills and weapons.

Have a lucky day with Zombie Tactics, dear guys!

How to play

The mouse is held to maneuver characters.

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